Transportation and Logistics Security Solutions

Transportation and Logistics Security Solutions

Logistics and transportation security is key in enhancing safety and wellness of cargo while in transit. It is also important as it ensures the staff and the vehicles used in transportation are safe at any given time. Whether transporting high-value goods like electronics, medical supplies and others, to transporting less value goods like timber, plastic e.t.c., security of the cargo should be given a priority.

Cargo theft may be disastrous and may cost the company a fortune or even cause it to collapse. Security of cargo will also extend to personnel because when the goods on transit are secure, the personnel involved in the transportation are also secure. This will save you a lot of cost in medical, insurance and damages caused in case cargo gets stolen or damaged while in transit. In order to avoid this, it is advisable to consider setting up and implementing transportation and logistics security solutions and strategies. These strategies include:

Put Tracking Devices to Trucks and Load and Monitor Them Closely

The best way to ensure security of your cargo while in transit is to fit it with tracking devices. This will assist you in monitoring their movement and you will know any unnecessary stops if it happens. When you notice any irregular activity you will get a chance to alert the police and other authorities in time to look if the cargo is in danger or not.

Put Unique Seals to Containers and Cargo

It is important to seal all containers and cargo on transit with a unique tamper proof seals to keep away looters and burglars. By leveling your cargo with a unique seal, it will be hard for any fraudster to claim it as the seal will be unique to the company. This will help to safeguard goods on transit.

Install Fire Fighting Equipments to Transportation Trucks and Vehicles

In some instances fire may break out in the process of transporting cargo and cause extensive damage. Installing fire fighting equipments will substantially reduce the risk of losing all your cargo in case a fire broke out. With the equipments, the fire can be put out immediately and less will be destroyed.

Assign a Security Escort to the Cargo

In case of high-value cargo, it is important to assign security personnel to keep the cargo safe while on transit. This may include police officers or security companies to ensure the cargo arrives safe and sound at its destination.

Thoroughly Inspect Cargo During Exit and During Entry

By inspecting cargo during entry and exit, you will be eliminating any foul play by employees siding with burglars. Routine inspection and monitoring will help to safeguard the cargo and ensure it reaches its destination safe.

Encourage Proper Cargo Documentation

Proper cargo documentation is key in ensuring that you have the right cargo and that you will be releasing the right luggage for transport. This will make accountability easier, thus safeguarding the cargo on transit.

Keep Effective Communication to Staff Undertaking Transportation

Proper and direct communication with staff engaged in transportation will give you a piece of mind knowing that the goods are safe. In case of any misfortune, the staff will communicate immediately and urgent action will be taken to secure or retrieve the cargo.

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